For the prostate cancer patient who is looking for a NATURAL alternative to chemo, radiation and surgery!!!

Why You Need A Prostate Massage?



When men get older an enlarged prostate is a common problem. Fat and proteins can accumulate and enlarge the prostate gland to a degree where pain happens and urinating is becoming a problem.

An infection can happen and even a tumor can develop. A prostate massage is a good way to drain the prostate. Even if you do not have any problems with your prostate yet, it is recommended that you do a massage once a month to prevent problems.

If your problems are akut already, a daily massage may be needed to reduce pain and swelling.

When men have continuous problems with the prostate, there are usually only two choices. Either taking expensive drugs all time or going under a surgery sooner or later.

Have you ever tried a third option, a prostate massage? Doctors will tell you that a prostrate massage is not only healthy for the prostate but also reduces the pain.

When I first heard about prostate massage I thought it was a bad joke. Alone imaging doing this frequently was a pretty weird thought. But the doctor was serious. He even told me that in some cultures young men are instructed in the correct prostate massage technique in order to keep it healthy. The massage does not only increase your health but can also improve your sex life.

Indeed, the massage is a non-invasive and pretty effective method to get rid of the pain. The only reasons that speaks against a self prostate massage is a possible infection. Your doctor can tell if your prostate is infected or not.

If you have an enlarged prostate then a prostate massage can clearly help. Do not forget that problems with the prostate gland can also be signs of prostate cancer symptoms . How exactly does it work? You have two options. Either you do the massage yourself using a special prostate hand massage technique or you use a helpful tool, a prostate massager.

Massaging the prostate gland stimulates the blood flow and brings more oxygen to your prostate. Bacteria can be removed much better that way. These bacteria can possibly lead to prostate cancer if not removed frequently. So even if you have a healthy prostate with no problems, a massage helps to keep it healthy.

You should do a massage at least once a month for about 10 to 20 minutes, that is enough in most cases. If you use prostate massagers, then you are placing the massager on a chair, sit on it and use your own body weight to perform the massage.

This sounds odd but it works. You may also get a bonus of doing it. Many report about the pleasures of prostate massaging. It is also known as the male G-Spot. Often the massage is performed by the sex partner who can give sexual pleasure through the massage.

If you do the massage by hand, simple use your fingers (your middle finger). However, your fingers (middle finger) may be too short to reach the prostate gland, so try it out and use the massager otherwise. Because of the angle it may not be so easy. Risk is low that you hurt yourself. Just cut your fingernails very short. It is recommended to use disposable gloves.

Try to find the middle of your prostate and start the massage. You can find a ridge or indentation there. You can massage the prostate until fluid leaks out. This is also called milking the prostate. If possible urinate after the drainage to wash it away. Usually you can feel the fluid move during the massage. This is a sign that you are doing it right.

Your prostate can be swollen quite a lot so finding it should be easy. Slow continues pressure is the best. If you really have a very swollen prostate with a lot of pain then you should do a massage and drainage daily.

Studies have shown that a prostate massage is effective and can sometimes even cure prostate problems without the use of medication or surgery. The key is to start early with it. The massage is a natural remedy and if performed right, does no harm.

Why should you do it even if you  have a healthy prostate yet? The position of the prostate does not allow stimulation by itself. Fat and proteins therefore can accumulate over time causing an infection or even lead to a tumor.

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