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Dr Laurence Magne


Dear prostate cancer patient,  

If you are like the 1000's of people who come to my site you're probably experiencing a host of prostate symptoms and you want to learn about prostate cancer.

You've been surfing the Net, looking a natural solution to your symptoms of cancer, and all you're offered is dangerous drugs, with long-term negative side effects. That's when you're lucky and find a site that actually gives you information. I know that most of them are just advertising. And it's so FRUSTRATING!

If you would like to feel healthy again, regain the joy of life and live pain-free without EXPENSIVE AND dangerous drugs or chemicals, then this could be the most important information you'll ever read.

I want to bring you HOPE !!! Because there IS hope... I want to tell you that there are ways to heal cancer naturally, without using dangerous chemicals and drugs.

From The Desk Of Dr Magne,

     I've seen it.

     I've watched as people were cured of prostate cancer.     


*WARNING*Do not purchase any information or product on curing the symptoms of prostate cancer unless it meets the following 5 important criteria..

Read on to find out!


My name is Dr Magne and over the last 25 years I have spent all of my time researching the cause of disease and how we get sick . I have a PhD in Spontaneous Remission and I have been heavily involved in the area of healing and have been helping hundreds of people just like you relieve all their symptoms with great success. I am certified in Chinese Alternative Therapies and I am a qualified counsellor. I am also the published author of several books on healing cancer, as well as many articles on healing naturally.

If you want to eliminate the symptoms of prostate cancer from your life,

You will need to..

  • Understand how we bring disease to our body so that you can be symptoms-free FOREVER.
  • Discover the role of the mind in making us sick, but also how it can heal us so that you can STOP YOUR SYMPTOMS of prostate cancer.
  • Realize the danger of the drugs you take to your immune system and continued well-being and start using a completely natural method that will bring back your health.

Here's how this information has dramatically changed the life of many other wonderful people like you...

"Dear Dr.Magne,

I'm on chemotheraphy treatment . And as my body is reacting in all ways with various side effects, more for reassurance I'm imaging with my mind, than anything, some of the effects. I liked your honest, straightforward directness, certainly comforting in these times of big dollared minds and attachments to what is'nt real. Some how I sense a truth for me from you is going to help."

Thank you with much Love
Ken K. Brisbane, Australia.

I can show you natural, inexpensive and effective ways to heal yourself of cancer and any other disease without dangerous and devastating treatments that are known to cause secondary cancer!!!

  • 1 in 3 people in America will suffer with cancer.
  • 1 in 4 people will die of cancer this year alone.
  • In 2005, 1.4 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed.
  • More than 1500 Americans will die each day of cancer this year.

I won't let this happen on MY watch...

Let me show you exactly how 8 million people in the US have been cured of cancer! Spontaneous healing happens. I have seen it.

Let me show you how you can live a life free of cancer! All in ONE book!

You are literally minutes away from changing your life...

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"So many thanks again, and (although you must have heard it before) I just
want you to know, that in the intimacy of my mind dealing with prostate cancer, your
book is the most wonderful refuge and source of encouragement."

Gratefully, and as they say down here, heartfelt abraços.
Faust A, Brazil


There are a tons of phony and misleading sites out there, make sure any information you are considering buying includes the following:

It's completely natural.

It has ABSOLUTELY no dangerous side-effects.

It will boost your immune system instead of depressing it!

You will require no expensive equipment, machines, etc

You will even sleep better!

All of this is is covered in depth inside "Cancer Free For Life "

You could spend another $5,000 to $10,000's this year alone in drugs, chemo, chemicals!


You could miss more days of work and waste $55/hr or more a visit to the doctor each month. And that does not even include the long-term cost to your health of using dangerous steroids, chemo pills or radiation and the damage to your immune system.


You could hire myself or one of my trained consultants at $75/hr over 10 hours to scratch the surface of what is detailed in this Home Study Course.



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You deserve to be free of all your symptoms of chronic or terminal illness and cancer, so now it is time to take action!

When you have prostate cancer, you are looking for answers to regain your health. I have written this book with you in mind, to bring you the secrets to heal yourself of prostate cancer without deadly drugs, chemo, or radiation. If spontaneous healing happens, and I know it does, I want to bring to you the latest discoveries in medicine, quantum physics, alternative therapies and spirituality.

"Dear Dr. Magne,

Just the idea that something can be done about cancer is really comforting. Thank you for being brave and having a good heart!!! Anyways, THANK YOU AGAIN for you book !!!"

Sincerely, John Deranger, London, UK

"Dear Dr. Laurence Magne,

I am Dr.Anca Purdu and first of all I THANK YOU for these wonderfully work for us ,the patients and caregivers.

Believe me dear Dr. Magne I am so content to receive such e-mails, because I am retired as disabled /at home/caregiver for my daddy's lung cancer-stage IIIB; so you understand better how gladly I am as patient -doctor who understand better your efforts and brainstorming to give the best for the disabled."

"Hi again Dr Magne :)

This is Michel S .. I ordered your book and ......I found it to be well thought out and full of things that have become what I am feeling .. about how I can create things for myself.. my health is my choice.. With your help, I can use my own powers to heal myself of cancer.

Ty for this"

I am sick and tired of watching my friends exposed to chemotherapy, radiation and all those killer drugs that do more damage than good. I don't want to hear of people getting sicker because they do not have this information. I just received an email from my sister that her neighbor died last week. "He waited too long," she said.

Cancer Free for Life Ebook

Here's just a sample of what you'll learn in this ground breaking book:

Buy Your Copy Of Cancer Free for Life Now!
  • Do alcohol or cigarettes cause cancer?
  • Is there a magical ingredient that is sure to promote health?
  • Do you have a cancer personality?
  • What are the skills of the super healthy?
  • Where does disease start? Why do we get sick?
  • Can you prevent cancer?
  • Does chemotherapy cause cancer?
  • Do your emotions, your thoughts or stress cause cancer?
  • What is the power of your mind to heal?
  • Do chemotherapy and radiation really stop cancer?
  • How does healing work?
  • How can you achieve optimum healing?
  • Does spontaneous healing really happen?
  • How do you create spontaneous healing for yourself?
  • Is it possible to recreate your body without disease?
  • Can you be cancer-free and disease-free for the rest of your life?

I have put my expertise and 25 years as a health researcher and expert into this book to tell you the cause of disease and cancer, and share with you where to find the healing mechanisms present in the body. You will find tools for healing that have never been brought to the public before all in one place. I describe to you the body’s healing system is not even discussed in Med School. Science just doesn’t understand or believe how patients heal themselves. So doctors just throw drugs at you and hope for the best.

Your book is truly educational. I myself am recovering from prostate cancer and as I read your book, I could find myself relating to everything you have written. Through and through I found myself analyzing the warning signs that my body had given me before I fell ill. I have surely learnt of a new approach to look at this disease.
Your book came along at just the right moment. Thank you for writing such a tremendous book.

I wish you all the best with your book."

Steven Parks, NY

I really liked your E-book, the flow and ease of the text makes it a breeze to read........excellent.......... "

Jannick A,
Sydney Australia

"I am very enthusiastic again with your personal style and courageous stand in your Issue n°16, about prostate cancer!!!

Thank you Dr. Magne!"

Jean Marie L.
Montreal, Canada

I bring to you the condensed stories and the gems that I found in hundreds of books by such writers as Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Bernie Siegel, Andrew Weil, Bruce Lipton, Gabor Mate and more. I bring you real life stories from famous and not so famous cancer survivors. I have condensed in one book all that the cancer literature has to offer on alternative cancer therapies so you won't have to buy hundreds of books and spend hundreds of hours reading them, then extracting the wealth of information from them. 

For your sake, I have researched more than 2,000 cases of spontaneous remission and I want to bring with you the secrets to healing that I have discovered. I’ll tell you what made some people successful and why others who do ‘everything right’ still ended up dying. i will share with no holds barred the latest research and discoveries in the field.

It sounds hard to believe, but thousands of tests
and testimonials prove that it’s true:

  • You can heal yourself of prostate cancer by applying methods that stimulate your immune system.

  • You can make simple changes to your lifestyle and your way of thinking to see more drastic results than 10 sessions of chemotherapy.

  • You have options outside of surgery, when you find out how people who had cancer reduced their tumors from the size of a grapefruit to nothing, or someone with 50 tumors throughout the body made them all disappear.

Order your copy TODAY. You pay only $24.97 to apply these powerful healing techniques to yourself. The book is presently in electronic format for immediate download. After the two books are released in July, they will also be available as TWO books here on the Internet. This is your last chance to buy all this information in one book. 

"Dr. Magne,

Yes, I have downloaded your E-book and wanted to write feedback sooner. (…) I think your cancer-free-for life is the most condensed book filled with useful information healing mind/body/connection i have ever seen. It's terrific! I recently told you that my brother-in-law

may have prostate cancer. His tests are suspicious and leaning towards cancer. But, from my family members who have talked with him (i'm not close, close) it sounds like he has his mind set on surgery and iodine radiation. Your book helps me give him a bit of advice that he may be able to choose to follow.
Thank you very much for enlightening my life!!!"

Leah A, AZ

"I find information about your book. You made (sic)a wonderful job, I never find so clearly described the causes of prostate cancer. Thank you very much!"

Best regards!
Martin A. Romania

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Self Mastery Through Conscious Autosuggestion by Emile Coué

The book was written at the beginning of the last century, but the secrets it contains are still actual today, and THEY STILL REMAIN SECRETS.

There are easy ways you can heal yourself of prostate cancer. This ebook contains THE SECRET TO CREATING PERMANENT HEALTH WITH SIMPLE TECHNIQUES. I just received an email from one of my client who said he'd read that book 50 years ago then lost it and it was a godsend for him to have it again. You'll love this book. 

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And... just to make sure your decision is an easy one, I'm going to take away all the risk!

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I am confident you will be able to do this and that after studying the Home Study Course, that I am going to give you one full year to read and act on the contents of this ebook.

That’s right, take one full year to examine and use this Home Study Course.Test the course for yourself. .. Try as many of the strategies as you like. Once you've used these principles for your own health, I am confident that you will NEVER want to send it back!!

If anytime during the next 365 days, you are not absolutely blown away by the information in "Cancer Free For Life " and the two bonuses, I will refund the entire payment, no questions asked.

For the Health of it!!



Dr Magne

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